Friday, December 5, 2008

Islam and Muslim Bashing

Islam and Muslim Bashing

Islam and Muslim bashing is the most popular sports in town. People who conspired to murder Jesus are the same people who never recognize him. Yet, they are claiming the protection of mythical and farcical “Judeio-Christianity”. However, people who recognise Jesus and never did anything wrong to him are subject to witch hunt lately. Misguided attacks of this nature against Muslims are based on totally false and fabricated reason and ground.

No one is attacking anyone’s religion or culture here. Yet, some sick people have been attacking Islam and Muslims with false, baseless and twisted materials! Most of these ill-motivated articles are made in Israel or pedophile networks of a religion. This year alone 12 000 priests of that religion were accused of sexually molesting their own parishioners and children in USA alone!

Free America Now is a popular group with secular nature and most of us are not keen to attack anyone’s religion or racial sensibilities. So, please hold your temptation and refrain from racism and sectarianism.

Faruque Ahmed
Free America Now
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